Frequently Asked Questions

Q What do I do if I have a rifle that I want to turn in?
A For recognized Veterans Organizations please contact your organization’s National Headquarters, for other organizations, such as law enforcement, contact the U.S. Army Donations Program Office located in Warren, MI at, TEL: 586-467-6302
Q During a firing salute who needs to wear hearing protection?
A It is recommended that individuals in the firing party as well as the firing party commander, don commercially available hearing protection, with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 33.
Q When should my organization employ a stand-off distance?
A At all times, to provide adequate safety for spectators or Next of Kin (NOK) during firing salutes, it is strongly recommended that an appropriate standoff distance between the firing party and any spectators/NOK be used while conducting these ceremonies. It is recommended that for ceremonies requiring a firing salute, organizations use the SAFETY AREA template in found in Appendix A of the Maintenance Guide.
Q Should I lubricate Ammunition?
A No, do not lubricate ammunition under any circumstances.
Q When should ammunition be inspected?
A Ammunition should be inspected upon initial receipt by an organization and prior to every use.
Q How do I clean my rifle stock?
A Use a dry, lint free towel to remove all dirt, sand, or foreign material from the surface of the stock. Apply a commercially available linseed oil to the surface of the stock (wood only) and allow to stand for two hours to be absorbed. After two hours, wipe off any excess oil and polish with a clean dry cloth. Be careful not to allow linseed oil to get into crevices of mechanism as it will form a residue as it dries.
Q Who do I contact to order .30 Caliber Blank Ammunition?
A U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command, Attn: AMSJM-MMD, 2695 Rodman Ave, Rock Island, IL 61299-6000, Point of Contact: Dawn Folland, E-mail:, TOLL FREE: 877-233-2515 or Commercial 309-782-4608, FAX: 309-782-7292.
Q How can I tell the difference between Grenade Ammunition and Standard Blank Ammunition?
A The grenade cartridge generates more pressure than the M1909 .30 caliber blank cartridge and is not designed or intended to be fired with a blank firing adapter. The significant physical difference between the grenade cartridge and the blank cartridge is that the blank cartridge has 6 crimps and the grenade cartridge has 5 crimps. See the maintenance guide for more information.